Rider, Etching

Space Hopper, Etching

In the Hood, Etching

Cat on Head, Etching

Dome Head, Coloured Etching

Rabbit and Trumpet, Etching

Box Heads, Etching

Walking, Etching

In the Air, Etching

Falling Pig, Etching

Chasing the Bishop, Etching

Girl and Two Dogs, Etching

Aeroplane, Etching

Hound Head, Etching

Giraffe, Etching

Owl and Cat, Etching

Do the Fly, Etching

Hatters, Etching

Police and Thieves, Etching

Two Goats, Etching

Waving Child, Etching

Crying Baby, Mezzotint

Baby Head, Etching

Three Pugs, Etching

Two Goats, Etching

Dog and Shoes, Etching

Travelling Princess, Etching

Black Dog, Etching

Cat and Cream, Etching

Cat Walk, Etching

Under a Cloud, Monotype

Hungry Boy, Coloured Etching

Cyberman and Cat, Etching

Cat Head, Monotype

Big Mouth, Monotype

Cat on Head, Coloured Etching

Big Cat, Etching

Pointing Girl

Video Baby, Etching

Cherub and Rabbit, Etching

Boy and Cat, Etching

Touching Hands, Etching

Theatrical Goat, Etching